February 17, 2009

I love my pill box!

In finding so much research about different supplements that might help in inflammatory conditions, I ended up with a whole gamut of supplements that I am taking daily. I found a pill box at WalMart for a couple dollars that I use to separate my morning vitamins from my night vitamins. It has seven sections labeled with the days of the week on each side. The days on one side are labeled "AM" and the days on the other side are labeled "PM". I love that I only have to open all those bottles one time per week (instead of twice a day)!

Here's my current supplement regimen:
-Odorless Omega-3 Fish Oil (from Trader Joe's) - 1200 MG - 2 (am) & 2 (pm)
for joints
-Vitamin E (from Trader Joe's) - 400 IU - 1 (am) & 1 (pm)
to be taken with fish oil and flax oil for absorption
-MSM [methylsulfonylmethane] (from Trader Joe's) - 1000 MG - 1 (am) & 1 (pm)
for joints
-Glucosamine Chrondroitin (from Trader Joe's) - 900 MG - 1 (am) & 1 (pm)
for joints
-Vitamin C (from Trader Joe's) - 1000 MG - 1 (am)
for inflammation
-B-Complex - 1 (am)
for inflammation
-Bromelain - 2000 GDU, 500 mg - 1 (am)
for inflammation
-Iron - 25 mg - 1 (pm)
for anemia
-Flaxseed Oil (from Trader Joe's) - 1000 MG - 1 (pm)
for joints
-Prenatal (from Trader Joe's) - 1 (pm)
as a general multi-vitamin

And I also chew two calcium chews (from Trader Joe's) daily. Each provides 500 mg of calcium.

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