August 28, 2010

Help with Celiac Disease

I was recently contacted by a reader who has Celiac Disease and wanted to share her story and a great resource for thos who suffer from Celiac Disease:

" I was looking at your Apple A Day website, and I thought this might be a useful addition to your celiac posts.

For the past nine years I’ve been suffering from celiac disease, and even now, I still fight the physical side effects of my food allergies. As of two weeks ago, I learned that: 1) An ambulance ride is not as glamorous or exciting as one might think. 2) Apparently celiac disease knows no boundaries, as I was “saved” by a gluten/dairy-free firefighter, who happens to be from Australia.

I know, right? What are the odds…the joyous, joyous odds…

The reason I’m going into such a lengthy account of my background is because I know first-hand how difficult it can be to accept this sort of lifestyle, and how physically detrimental this condition can be if you don’t adhere to the diet.

To help myself, and other people who are no longer able to eat gluten, I created a resource article that features a list of the best gluten-free restaurants/bakeries, cookbooks, products/brands, support groups, and informational websites that I’ve come across.

I wanted to let you know about this article in case it would be useful to you, or the people who visit your site. (I trust that I can rely on you to bring joy to those who are wallowing in a world of rice cakes a jus…). "

Thank you, Lindsay, for the information!